WEP022  ポスター②  10月19日 会議室P 13:00-15:00
LIPAc Phase-B+コミッショニングでのビーム位置位相モニタの現状とビーム試験
Beam test and status of beam position and phase monitor in the LIPAc Phase-B+ commissioning
○廣澤 航輝,権 セロム(QST/六ケ所研究所),ポダデラ イバン(CIEMAT),カリン ヤン(F4E),モラレス ベガ フアン カルロス(Universidad de Granada)
○Kouki Hirosawa, Saerom Kwon (QST/Rokkasho), Ivan Podadera (CIEMAT), Yann Carin (F4E), Juan Carlos Morales Vega (Universidad de Granada)
LIPAc (Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator) is a hadron LINAC developed and operated within a EU-JA collaboration, aiming at establishing and validating technologies to accelerate a 9 MeV deuteron beam at CW, and high beam current (125 mA). LIPAc is presently in the commissioning phase namely B+, where the beam line is fully constructed without the superconducting LINAC replaced by an intermediate transport line. Since measuring beam-profiles by using interceptive beam diagnostics will become more difficult after increasing the duty cycle, it is important to validate specifications and to establish measurement methods by using non-interceptive diagnostics from low duty cycle by crosschecking with the interceptive ones. Also, changes in beam properties caused by difference of operation parameters can be traced by comparing BPM data. The 5-MeV operation of Phase-B+ is very interesting configuration to study bunch lengthening by self-field and compression by bunchers by using BPM. This report presents the progress of the BPM with the results of the low duty cycle stage of Phase-B+ in 2021, and about the studies related to RF noise floor of the BPM signals.