WEOB09  加速器技術(高周波源・LLRF)  10月19日 会議室B 16:30-16:50
Installation and test of the phase drift monitor at J-PARC linac
○チーチェック エルシン ,方 志高,福井 佑治,二ツ川 健太,溝端 仁志(高エネ研),佐藤 福克(NAT)
○Ersin Cicek, Zhigao Fang, Yuji Fukui, Kenta Futatsukawa, Satoshi Mizobata (KEK), Yoshikatsu Sato (NAT)
Achieving a stable rf field for all cavities in the J-PARC linac is one of the significant tasks for the successful operation of J-PARC. In particular, a long-term stable rf field is a crucial challenge in suppressing the drift of the injection beam momentum from the linac to the Rapid Cycling Synchrotron (RCS). In addition, it was found that environmental factors such as humidity and temperature cause rf phase drift in the cavities, resulting in the drift in the beam injection momentum, making the compensation of phase drift a priority job. To this end, a phase drift correction algorithm is carried out within the low-level radio frequency (LLRF) system in the linac. Although this system has been operated successfully, we aim for an updated design to directly measure and correct the phase drift of the cavities operating at different frequencies. Therefore, a real-time phase drift compensation system based on a direct sampling technique deploying RF System-on-Chip (RFSoC) technology is adopted to measure two different rf frequencies without local oscillator (LO) signals. This study presents the installation stage of the device in the linac and long-term cavity rf phase results.