TUP004  ポスター①  10月18日 会議室P 13:30-15:30
J-PARC 3 GeVシンクロトロン 1 MW運転状況(2)
Results of 1-MW operation in J-PARC 3 GeV rapid cycling synchrotron (2)
○山本 風海,山本 昌亘,山崎 良雄,菅沼 和明,藤来 洸裕,野村 昌弘,神谷 潤一郎,畠山 衆一郎,吉本 政弘,仲野谷 孝充,田村 文彦,沖田 英史,菖蒲田 義博,Saha Pranab,金正 倫計(J-PARCセンター/原子力機構)
○Kazami Yamamoto, Masanobu Yamamoto, Yoshio Yamazaki, Kazuaki Suganuma, Kosuke Fujirai, Masahiro Nomura, Junichiro Kamiya, Shuichiro Hatakeyama, Masahiro Yoshimoto, Takamitsu Nakanoya, Fumihiko Tamura, Hidefumi Okita, Yoshihiro Shobuda, Pranab Saha, Michikazu Kinsho (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
The J-PARC 3GeV Rapid Cycling Synchrotron (RCS) is aiming to provide the proton beam of very high power for neutron experiments and the main ring synchrotron. We have continued the beam commissioning and the output power from RCS have been increasing. In recent years, we have been trying continuous supply of 1-MW high-intensity beam, which is the design value, to a neutron target. We tried to operate continuously for over 40 hours in June 2020. However, some trouble occurred and the operation was frequently suspended. In June 2021, we tried again 1-MW operation but it was suspended due to deterioration of the cooling water performance. Last summer shutdown period, we recovered performance of the cooling water system and it enables us to deriver 1-MW beam even if summer condition. In this presentation, we will summarize the results of 1-MW operation.