THP032  ポスター③  10月20日 会議室P 13:00-15:00
Development of a novel deposition method for Nb3Sn superconducting accelerating cavities
○井藤 隼人,早野 仁司,文珠四郎 秀昭(KEK),柏木 茂(東北大学),本多 史憲(九州大学)
○Hayato Ito, Hitoshi Hayano, Hideaki Monjushiro (KEK), Shigeru Kashiwagi (Tohoku University), Fuminori Honda (Kyushu University)
We report on a new deposition method for Nb3Sn superconducting accelerating cavities. In the conventional method, SnCl2 and Sn are heated and evaporated in a vacuum furnace to perform Nb3Sn nucleation by SnCl2 vapor and Nb3Sn grain growth by Sn vapor. However, in this method, the nucleation density is limited by the SnCl2 vapor pressure resulting in the formation of the Nb3Sn layer with poor surface smoothness. This study aims to fundamentally solve the limitation caused by SnCl2 vapor pressure by depositing an Sn layer on the Nb substrate before the nucleation process. In this contribution, we present the detail of the deposition method to solve this problem and test results for the samples.