TFP008  ポスター③④  10月20日・21日 会議室P 13:00-15:00
Status of linear IFMIF prototype accelerator (LIPAc)
○増田 開,長谷川 和男,春日井 敦,近藤 恵太郎,杉本 昌義(QST六ヶ所研),Carin Yann ,Gex Dominique ,Cismondi Fabio (IFMIF/EVEDAプロジェクトチーム),Cara Philippe ,Dzitko Herve (F4E),Fagotti Enrico (INFN),Marroncle Jacques ,Chauvin Nicolas (CEA),Podadera Ivan ,Jimenez Rey David (CIEMAT)
○Kai Masuda, Kazuo Hasegawa, Atsushi Kasugai, Keitaro Kondo, Masayoshi Sugimoto (QST Rokkasho), Yann Carin, Dominique Gex, Fabio Cismondi (IFMIF/EVEDA Project Team), Philippe Cara, Herve Dzitko (F4E), Enrico Fagotti (INFN), Jacques Marroncle, Nicolas Chauvin (CEA), Ivan Podadera, David Jimenez Rey (CIEMAT)
Construction and validation of LIPAc have been conducted in Rokkasho within the IFMIF/EVEDA project under the EU-JA collaborative framework of the Broader Approach agreement. The present beam commissioning stage has been initiated since July 2021, with major goals of validation of a 100 keV Injector and the world longest 5 MeV RFQ, followed by an MEBT, an HEBT, a state-of-the-art Diagnostic Plate and a High Power Beam Dump with the world highest deuteron beam current of 125 mA CW. Characterization of the beam properties is of major importance in preparation to the final configuration with a 9 MeV SRF LINAC. This paper will present efforts and progresses made after the last annual meeting, such as a low-current and low-duty beam commissioning completed in Dec. 2021, CW operation campaign of the injector towards the nominal beam current, and RF conditioning of the RFQ towards CW.