FRP029  ポスター④  10月21日 会議室P 13:00-15:00
Conceptual design of a high temperature superconducting spectroscopy-type gantry system
○趙 航,福田 光宏,依田 哲彦,神田 浩樹,安田 裕介,畑中 吉治,斎藤 高嶺,森田 泰之,武田 佳次朗,原 隆文,荘 浚謙,橘高 正樹,松井 昇太郎(阪大RCNP)
○Hang Zhao, Mitsuhiro Fukuda, Tetsuhiko Yorita, Hiroki Kanda, Yusuke Yasuda, Kichiji Hatanaka, Takane Saitou, Yasuyuki Morita, Keijiro Takeda, Takafumi Hara, Tsun Him Chong, Masaki Kittaka, Shotaro Matsui (RCNP)
Radiation therapy is a kind of extremely efficient cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells. In radiation therapy with high energy particles, the dose is usually applied to the tumor with irradiation from several directions, to limit the dose in healthy tissue in vicinity of the tumor. In order to realize a continuous angular range of irradiation, a spectroscopy-type beam delivery device (i.e. the gantry) is proposed. In the conception of spectroscopy-type gantry, beam is guided to the appropriate azimuthal angle with cylindrical magnetic field surrounding the patient, and treatment angles are set by adjusting magnetic strength, instead of rotating a gantry with magnets of the beam transport around the patient. With this conception as well as high temperature superconducting materials, continuous angular range of irradiation could be realized by a super compact spectroscopy-type gantry. In this work, the conceptual design of a high temperature superconducting spectroscopy-type gantry system will be presented.