FRP020  ポスター④  10月21日 会議室P 13:00-15:00
Lattice design for future plan of UVSOR
○Elham Salehi, Yoshitaka Taira, Masaki Fujimoto, Masahiro Katoh (UVSOR)
UVSOR, a 750 MeV synchrotron light source, has been operational for about 40 years. We have made major upgrades twice and minor ones continuously. Now, 10 years have passed since the last major upgrade. We have started a design study for the future plan of UVSOR. First, we considered another major upgrade on the present machine. Now, we consider a totally new facility as another choice. We have designed a storage ring of 1 GeV electron energy, which is larger than the present value, 750 MeV. The magnetic lattice is based on a compact double bend achromat cell, which consists of two bending magnets and four focusing magnets, all of which are of combined function. The circumference is around 80 m. The emittance is around 5 nm in the achromatic condition, which becomes lower in the non-achromatic condition. The lattice of 6-fold symmetry has six straight sections of 4 m long and six of 1.5 m long. We are now working on optimizing the dynamic aperture of the storage ring. In the annual meeting, we report the latest results from the design study.