FROA08  ハドロン加速器②/加速器技術(加速構造)①  10月21日 会議室A 11:30-11:50
Efforts to improve the assembly work of SRF cavities in the clean room to suppress field emission
○Mathieu Omet (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)
Our main objective is to achieve as high as possible quality factors Q0 and maximal accelerating voltages Eacc within 1.3 GHz superconducting radio frequency (SRF) cavities. Beside an adequate surface treatment, key to achieve good performance is a proper assembly in the clean room prior cavity testing or operation. In this contribution we present the methods and results of our efforts to get a better understanding of our clean room environment and the particulate generation caused during the assembly work. Furthermore, we present the introduced measures of documentation to support the planning, the performance, and the analysis of the assembly work.