WESP07  ポスターセッション①  9月2日 ポスター会場 12:40-14:40
Highlights from SuperKEKB commissioning for early stage of nano-beam scheme and crab waist scheme
○大西 幸喜(KEK)
○Yukiyoshi Ohnishi (KEK)
The SuperKEKB electron-positron collider is being commissioned at KEK to study a new physics in the B-meson decays. The target luminosity is 40 times of the highest luminosity record at KEKB, 8 x 10^35 cm^-2s^-1. We have applied a novel "nano-beam scheme" to squeeze the beta function at the interaction point (IP) down to 1 mm in the vertical, 60 mm in the HER and 80 mm in the LER in the horizontal direction, respectively. The beta function at the IP is the smallest value for the existing circular colliders in the world. However, the design value is 0.3 mm which is about 1/3 of the achievement. Recently, we also applied a "crab waist scheme" which proposed by P. Raimondi et al. to improve the luminosity. We present the early stage of the commissioning of the nano-beam scheme as well as the crab waist scheme in Autumn run 2019 and Spring run 2020.