WEPP45  ポスターセッション①  9月2日 ポスター会場 12:40-14:40
Evaluation of Eddy Current Effects on a Pulsed Sextupole Magnet by a Precise Magnetic field Measurement at KEK-PF
○ロ ヨウ(総研大),満田 史織,高木 宏之,帯名 崇,原田 健太郎,高井 良太,小林 幸則,野上 隆史,内山 隆司(高エネ研)
○Yao Lu (SOKENDAI), Chikaori Mitsuda, Hiroyuki Takaki, Takashi Obina, Kentaro Harada, Ryota Takai, Yukinori Kobayashi, Takashi Nogami, Takashi Uchiyama (KEK)
Pulsed sextupole magnet (PSM) injection is continuously developed at the photon factory of KEK(KEK-PF) for the new injection scheme in the future light source. We found that a PSM with rectangular aperture (PSM2) has large eddy current effects in accelerator operation, which is against our expectation. Therefore, the magnetic field of the initial prototype, a PSM with circular aperture (PSM1) was measured again. In this case, the AC magnetic field of PSM1 was precisely measured by a small pick-up coil which finished 3D mapping measurement to obtain detailed magnetic field distribution. By comparing DC and AC field measurement results, PSM1 also has eddy currents. This experiment represents that the eddy current effect has to be taken into consideration in PSM injection. We will report the details of measurement setup and observed evidence of eddy current phenomenon in this conference.