WEPP27  ポスターセッション①  9月2日 ポスター会場 12:40-14:40
KEK LUCX加速器インテリジェント制御システムの現状
Status of KEK LUCX accelerator intelligent control system
○アリシェフ アレクサンダー,荒木 栄,福田 将史,大森 恒彦,照沼 信浩,浦川 順治(高エネルギー加速器研究機構)
○Alexander Aryshev, Sakae Araki, Masafumi Fukuda, Tsunehiko Omori, Nobuhiro Terunuma, Junji Urakawa (KEK)
High-quality X-rays / γ-rays quasi-monochromatic photon beams with energy and polarization variability produced by the Laser Compton Scattering (LCS) of an electron and a laser beams are in the demand for many applied studies in medical and industrial fields. To increase the brightness of scattered X-rays the stable high power laser and multi-bunch electron beams are considered. The stabilization of the electron beam parameters requires well-established accelerator diagnostics and control systems which are actively developing at KEK LUCX facility. Moreover, the available computational resources and developed Artificial Neural Network (ANN) algorithms permit to establish real-time optimization routines and enhance compensation of the beam-loading and space-charge effects along with stabilization of the beam parameters in the LCS interaction point. In this presentation, we will report on the current status and future prospects of the development of a new compact linear accelerator control system integrated with ANN.