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ILC計画実現に向けたKEK超伝導加速空洞製造施設(Cavity Fabrication Facility: CFF)の現状
The status of the superconducting Cavity Fabrication Facility (CFF) at KEK toward the realization of International Linear Collier (ILC)
○佐伯 学行,道前 武,江並 和宏,平木 雅彦,井上 均,加古 永治,道園 真一郎,文珠四郎 秀昭,梅森 健成,渡邉 勇一,山中 将(KEK)
○Takayuki Saeki, Takeshi Dohmae, Kazuhiro Enami, Masahiko Hiraki, Hitoshi Inoue, Eiji Kako, Shinichiro Michizono, Hideaki Monjushiro, Kensei Umemori, Yuichi Watanabe, Masashi Yamanaka (KEK)
We had constructed a facility for the fabrication-technology R&D of superconducting RF cavity at KEK from 2009 to 2011 toward the realization of International Linear Collier (ILC). The facility is simply called "Cavity Fabrication Facility (CFF)". In the facility, we had installed a deep-drawing machine, a half-cup trimming machine, an electron-beam welding machine, and a chemical treatment room in one place for efficient fabrication of cavities. We have been studying on the fabrication-technology of ILC-shape 9-cell cavity and the studies are focusing on the cost reduction with keeping high performance of cavity. The goal is the establishment of mass-production procedure for ILC. Recently, we fabricated several 9-cell cavities with the large-grain niobium material instead of fine-grain niobium material to reduce the material cost. And the high-pressure gas safety act of 9-cell cavity is studied for the installation of cavities in the ILC tunnel. This article reports the current status of the facility.