THPP62  ポスターセッション②  9月3日 ポスター会場 13:10-15:10
Concept of Hybrid Ring Light Source using Ordinary Storage Ring with Pulsed Superconducting LINAC
○原田 健太郎,山本 尚人,本田 融,阪井 寛志,梅森 健成(KEK)
○Kentaro Harada, Naoto Yamamoto, Tohru Honda, Hiroshi Sakai, Kensei Umemori ()
LINAC can generate electron beam with short pulse length and/or small emittance. Long-pulsed multi bunch superconducting LINAC (SCL) can generate high beam current of about 0.1 mA with minimum extra construction cost from ordinary normal conducting LINAC (NCL). The capacity of the required cryosystem for pulsed operation is relatively small and the operation cost is also comparable. Using storage ring as single pass beam transport, users can use the beam from SCL. We have three modes; only stored beam mode, only SCL beam mode with on-axis injection/extraction, and the hybrid mode. With hybrid mode, beam from SCL is injected at off-axis with the presence of stored beam. Users can simultaneously use two beams with different photon beam axis. To manage single pass beam, the large flexibility of the beam dynamics and hardware of the ring is essential. The beam quality may be deteriorated in the storage ring with CSR effect. The maximum available current from SCL may be fixed by the radiation safety. There are still many subjects to be solved, but with the hybrid ring, many users can simultaneously use FEL-like beam and diffraction limited storage ring like beam at the same time.