THPP33  ポスターセッション②  9月3日 ポスター会場 13:10-15:10
薄膜研究のための3.0-GHz Nb 単セル空洞の製造
Fabrication of 3.0-GHz Nb Single-cell Cavities for Thin-film Study
○佐伯 学行,久保 毅幸,井上 均,早野 仁司,井藤 隼人,片山 領(KEK),Rimmer Robert,Hannon Fay,Valente-Feliciano Annne-Marie(JLab),岩下 芳久,頓宮 拓(京都大学)
○Takayuki Saeki, Takayuki Kubo, Hitoshi Inoue, Hitoshi Hayano, Hayato Ito, Ryo Katayama (KEK), Robert Rimmer, Fay Hannon, Annne-marie Valente-feliciano (JLab), Yoshihisa Iwashita, Hiromu Tongu (Kyoto University)
We fabricated 3.0-GHz single-cell cavities with Nb material for testing thin-film creations on the inner surface of the cavities in collaboration between Jefferson Laboratory (JLab) and KEK. The cavity was designed at JLab. According to the design of cavity, the press-forming dies and trimming fixtures for the cavity-cell were also designed and fabricated at JLab. These dies and trimming fixtures were transported to KEK, and the rest of fabrication processes were done at KEK. Several 3.0-GHz single-cell Nb cavities were fabricated finally. All these Nb cavities will be utilized for the tests of various thin-film creations at JLab and KEK. This presentation describes details of the fabrication of these cavities.