THPP27  ポスターセッション②  9月3日 ポスター会場 13:10-15:10
XBee Dispatcherプログラムを用いた放射線ドーズモニタの機能向上
Upgraded radiation dose monitor system with XBEE dispatcher program
○楊 敏(総研大 加速器科学),山本 昇,上窪田 紀彦(高エネ研)
○Min Yang (SOKENDAI Accelerator Science), Noboru Yamamoto, Norihiko Kamikubota (KEK)
The prototype of real-time radiation dose monitor system in J-PARC was developed to realize real-time feedback of exposed radiation dose upon individual worker in radiation environment. It consists of a supervisor part and a sensor part, which communicate with each other wirelessly using XBee modules. The prototype system can only accept one sensor part. To realize the wireless monitoring of multiple sensor parts, an upgraded system with an XBee dispatcher program has been developed. With the XBee dispatcher, we can realize the communication between many sensor parts and a supervisor part. The details of the upgraded system with XBee dispatcher, and test results of the system are presented. #XBee = 短距離無線通信チップ