THPP02  ポスターセッション②  9月3日 ポスター会場 13:10-15:10
Status of the proof-of-principle demonstration of 400 MeV H- laser stripping at J-PARC
○サハ プラナブ クマル,原田 寛之,金正 倫計(原子力機構, J-PARC),米田 仁紀,道根 百合奈,渕 葵(電通大, レーザー研),佐藤 篤(NAT),柴田 崇統(KEK)
○Pranab Kumar Saha, Hiroyuki Harada, Michikazu Kinsho (JAEA, J-PARC), Hitoki Yoneda, Yurina Michine, Aoi Fuchi (UEC, ILS), Atsushi Sato (NAT), Takanori Shibata (KEK)
We are preparing for a Proof-of-principle (POP) demonstration of 400 MeV H- stripping to proton by using laser at the 3-GeV RCS of J-PARC. The present research aims to establish a completely non-destructive H- charge-exchange injection by using only lasers instead of stripper foil conventionally used for that purpose. A short lifetime, unexpected failure of the foil during operation as well as extremely high residual radiation caused by the foil scattering beam losses are two serious issues at all high intensity proton accelerators. The present method comprises three steps for an H- stripping by using lasers. The H- is neutralized to H0 by using an YAG laser, the H0 is excited to the upper states (called H0*) by using a UV laser, and finally the H0* is stripped to proton by the YAG laser. The YAG laser system and the laser cavity systems are under development and will be tested for 3 MeV H- neutralization at the end of 2020. The UV laser will be produced by higher harmonic generation from the YAG laser. The H- beam manipulations to match with the laser parameters are also being conducted. The present experimental status for the POP demonstration H- laser stripping is presented.