FRPP38  ポスターセッション③  9月4日 ポスター会場 10:30-12:30
スカンジノバ クライストロン用モジュレータのMAX-IV運転状況
The latest operation status of ScandiNova klystron modulator at MAX-IV
○湯城 磨(スカンジノバ・システムズ株式会社),Kumbaro Dionis(MAX IV Laboratory),Lindholm Mikael(スカンジノバ・システムズ株式会社)
○Osamu Yushiro (ScandiNova Systems K.K.), Dionis Kumbaro (MAX IV Laboratory), Mikael Lindholm (ScandiNova Systems K.K.)
The MAX-IV facility consists of a 3 GeV storage ring, a 1.5 GeV storage ring, and a linear accelerator which serves as a full-energy injector to the rings. ScandiNova Systems AB contracted all the RF units including klystrons for a 3 GeV linac. In this proceeding, we report the latest operational status of modulators at MAX-IV linac.