FRPP34  ポスターセッション③  9月4日 ポスター会場 10:30-12:30
Fabrication of coupon-detachable 3-GHz single-cell cavities for creation experiments of superconducting multi-layer thin-films.
○佐伯 学行(KEK),岩下 芳久,頓宮 拓(京都大学),早野 仁司,井藤 隼人,片山 領,久保 毅幸(KEK),伊藤 亮平,永田 智啓(ULVAC Inc.),Rimmer Robert,Hannon Fay,Valente-Feliciano Anne-Marie(JLab)
○Takayuki Saeki (KEK), Yoshihisa Iwashita, Hiromu Tongu (Kyoto University), Hitoshi Hayano, Hayato Ito, Ryo Katayama, Takayuki Kubo (KEK), Ryohei Ito, Tomohiro Nagata (ULVAC Inc.), Robert Rimmer, Fay Hannon, Anne-marie Valente-feliciano (JLab)
Recently, thin-film creation on the inside surface of Superconducting Radio-Frequency (SRF) cavity is hot topics because the thin-film might be thought to overcome the intrinsic limit of super-heating magnetic field (Hsh) of niobium material. In the film-creation process of cavity, it is important to keep the uniformity of film all over the inner surface of cavity. To investigate the film-quality at several positions of cavity, like beam-pipe, equator, and cell-wall, we fabricated the 3.0-GHz single-cell cavity with detachable coupons. The coupon disks are made of Cu or Nb, and these are set into the coupon cavities. The films created on the coupon disks can be analyzed in various methods to test the SRF characteristics. This presentation reports details of the fabrication of coupon-detachable 3-GHz superconducting single-cell cavities for experiments of multi-layer thin-film creation.登録番号 10186 に同様の発表がありますが、発表者名に漏れがあります。ご面倒をおかけしますが、登録番号 10186 はcancelとしてください。よろしくお願いいたします。