FROO06  加速構造②  9月4日 講演会場1 17:00-17:20
Development of the temperature and magnetic field mapping system for superconducting cavities
○岡田 貴文(総研大),加古 永治,阪井 寛志,梅森 健成,植木 竜一,増澤 美佳,土屋 清澄,許斐 太郎,近藤 良也(高エネ研),Tajima Tsuyoshi,Poudel Anju,Pizzol Paolo(LANL)
○Takafumi Okada (SOKENDAI), Eiji Kako, Hiroshi Sakai, Kensei Umemori, Ryuichi Ueki, Mika Masuzawa, Kiyosumi Tsuchiya, Taro Konomi, Yoshinari Kondo (KEK), Tsuyoshi Tajima, Anju Poudel, Paolo Pizzol (LANL)
The external magnetic field gets trapped in the superconducting cavities as vortices during the phase transition. The trapped magnetic vortices are oscillated by the RF, which results in RF power losses and degrades the cavity performance. The superconducting cavity is operated with a magnetic shielding of a few μT. Statistical performance measurements at the liquid helium temperature of a specific AMR sensor used for magnetic field mapping together with temperature mapping around the cavity during the vertical test were performed. In this paper, the results of the measurements and calibration of the AMR sensor at cryogenic temperatures will be reported.