WEPI022  レーザー  7月31日 国際科学イノベーション棟5階 ホワイエ 13:30-15:30
SuperKEKB phase III コミッショニングのRF電子銃用Yb/Ndハイブリッドレーザーシステム
RF gun drive Yb/Nd hybrid laser system for SuperKEKB phase III commissioning
○張 叡,周 翔宇(高エネルギー加速器研究機構),熊野 宏樹,豊富 直之(三菱電機),本田 洋介,吉田 光宏(高エネルギー加速器研究機構)
○Rui Zhang, Xiangyu Zhou (KEK), Hiroki Kumano, Naoyuki Toyotomi (MSC), Yosuke Honda, Mitsuhiro Yoshida (KEK)
Long term continuous stable laser and RF gun operation have been realized in SuperKEKB phase II commissioning. Basing on the achievements and experiences of this commissioning, as well as to fulfil the requirements of SuperKEKB phase III early stages for the electron beam, some improvements are made for the current Yb/Nd hybrid laser system. Higher electron charge, lower emittance and better stability have been demonstrated in 2019 summer commissioning. Especially, 5.3 nC electron charge is achieved by use of the current laser system and QTW RF gun. It demonstrates that the laser system and RF gun can generate high charge electron beam for the final aim of SuperKEKB phase III. In addition, transverse and longitudinal reshaping of laser pulse will be done for purchasing much lower emittance and energy spread after this commissioning. The priority is to promote high charge electron beam with higher quality in the following days.