WEPH018  加速器応用・産業利用  7月31日 百周年時計台記念館 国際交流ホール 13:30-15:30
Mass analyzer system oriented for simultaneous cancer treatment with imaging by 11C
○野田 章,片桐 健,北條 悟,杉浦 彰則,宮原 信幸,涌井 崇志,白井 敏之,野田 耕司(量研機構/放医研),グリーザー マンフレッド(マックスプランク原子核研究所)
○Akira Noda, Ken Katagiri, Satoru Hojo, Akinori Sugiura, Nobuyuki Miyahara, Takashi Wakui, Toshiyuki Shirai, Koji Noda (QST/NIRS), Manfreed Grieser (MPIK)
With the positron emission, 11C can be utilized for OPENPET (PET system composed of separate double rings). With the projectile fragment scheme, ion beam intensities up to 10E5 / pulse and insufficient S/N ratio could be attained. So as to improve such situation, we have investigated a re-acceleration of the produced 11C with a nuclear reaction. In the first step about 10E11 11CO2+ ions are produced by irradiating a target with 18 MeV protons of 18 microA, delivered from a cyclotron. After the 11C production the carbon dioxide is ionized to a single charge state (11CO2+) and then mass analyzed with the use of a magnet separator and then charge breeding to 11C4+/5+ with intensity of ~10E10 (Isotope Separator On-Line (ISOL)) will be done. Currently we are considering such a system consisting of a small size cyclotron combined with a 11C molecule production/separation system (CMPS) , a single charge ion source (SCIS) and a following analyzer. Mass separation with a resolution better than 1/44, will be realized with a double focusing dipole magnet. In the present paper we describe the mass analyzer for 11CO2+ separation consisting of a single double focusing magnet in detail.