WEPH005  加速器制御  7月31日 百周年時計台記念館 国際交流ホール 13:30-15:30
J-PARC Main Ring 向けRaspberry PiとXBee(近距離無線)で組んだ放射線モニタ
Radiation dose monitor system based on Raspberry Pi and XBee for J-PARC Main Ring
○杨 敏(総研大 加速器科学),山本 昇,上窪田 紀彦(高エネ研 東海キャンパス)
○Min Yang (SOKENDAI Accelerator Science), Noboru Yamamoto, Norihiko Kamikubota (J-PARC/KEK)
The real-time radiation dose monitor system is developed in J-PARC to realize quick feedback of irradiated dose upon individual workers in radiation environment, especially in accelerator tunnel. The system is based on EPICS, and the system hardware is mainly composed of Raspberry-pi and Xbee wireless communication module. The system designed the monitor function which can transfer the radiation dose value from dose meter to local PC wirelessly in a distance. The system has been tested in the J-PARC Main Ring tunnel, and the result shows the advantages and disadvantages of this system in the radiation environment.