WEOH01  粒子源/加速構造①  7月31日 百周年時計台記念館 百周年記念ホール 15:40-16:00
Development of the thin rotated Carbon-disk for Uranium acceleration
○長谷部 裕雄,奥野 広樹(理化学研究所),多々見 篤,立花 正満,村上 睦明(株式会社 カネカ),今尾 浩士,福西 暢尚,加瀬 昌之,上垣外 修一(理化学研究所)
○Hiroo Hasebe, Hiroki Okuno (RIKEN), Atushi Tatami, Masamitsu Tachibana, Mutsuaki Murakami (KANEKA), Hiroshi Imao, Nobuhisa Fukunishi, Masayuki Kase, Osamu Kamigaito (RIKEN)
High-density highly oriented Multilayer Graphene (MG) sheets supplied from Kaneka Corporation have been used as robust stripper disks for heavy ions acceleration at RIKEN RIBF since 2014. No significant damage in the disks by the ion beams irradiation has observed after a long-term uranium (U) or other ion beams operations[1]. Kaneka has fabricated thinner MG sheets in the range between 1-10 um in thickness and the sheets are available as a result of their research and development[2]. The performance and evaluation results of the rotated 1.5 micrometer in thickness MG as the first stripper disk for the U beam acceleration will be presented. References [1] H. Hasebe et al., to be published in Euro. Phys. J. [2] A. Tatami et al., Proceedings of 13th Annual Meeting of PASJ, Sapporo, Japan, 2017, pp. 159–161.