THOH10  ハドロン加速器①  8月1日 百周年時計台記念館 百周年記念ホール 16:00-16:20
Cavity and optics design of the accelerator for the JAEA-ADS project
○Bruce Yee-rendon, Jun Tamura, Yasuhiro Kondo, Kazuo Hasegawa, Fujio Maekawa, Shinichiro Meigo, Hidetomo Oguri (JAEA)
The Accelerator Driven Subcritical System (ADS) becomes a prominent candidate for the transmutation of nuclear waste. To this end, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) is proposing the JAEA-ADS project which consists in a CW superconducting proton linac coupling with a subcritical core reactor, the accelerator will operate with a beam current of 20 mA and a final energy of 1.5 GeV. The first part of the work is focus in the design of five superconducting cavity models to accelerate the beam from 2 MeV to 1.5 GeV and the last one is dedicating to beam optic studies, with emphasis on the control of the emittance growth to reduce the beam halos and mitigate the beam loss, which is one of the main challenges for the successful operation of the ADS projects.