FRPI012  ビームダイナミクス  8月2日 国際科学イノベーション棟5階 ホワイエ 10:50-12:50
Beam Dynamic Study of Compact Superconducting Skeleton Cyclotron for BNCT and Radioisotope Production
○Hui Wen Koay, Mitsuhiro Fukuda, Hiroki Kanda, Tetsuhiko Yorita (RCNP)
This work presents a preliminary study on the beam dynamics of a compact superconducting skeleton cyclotron for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) and radioisotope production. This work adopted an air-core structure to avoid any residual magnetisation from the hysteresis loop of an iron yoke. This leads to a higher reproducibility of magnetic field in a shorter time, which is very favourable for a hospital environment. The proposed design is a compact K-80 cyclotron with a small extraction radius of 40 cm for a 50 MeV H+ and 40 MeV D+ beam. It includes a series of combination of circular high-temperature superconducting coil (HTSC), acting as the main coil and trim coils, as well as 3 sector coils with a maximum spiral angle of 40o. In this work, the configuration of these coils is optimized to generate an isochronous field with adequate focusing force. On top of this, the corresponding equilibrium orbits for H+ particle, and some important beam properties such as the phase excursion, betatron oscillation and beam focusing capability are also included in order to evaluate the feasibility of the generated magnetic field distribution.