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High power operation of L-band resonant ring for testing RF components for ILC
○DU BAITING(総合研究大学院大学),松本 利広,道園 真一郎,三浦 孝子,QIU FENG(高エネルギー加速器研究機構),LIU NA(総合研究大学院大学)
○Baiting Du (SOKENDAI), Toshihiro Matsumoto, Shinichiro Michizono, Takako Miura, Feng Qiu (KEK), Na Liu (SOKENDAI)
In International Linear Collider (ILC), RF power is transmitted from 10 MW klystron to 39 cavities by Local power distribution system (LPDS). Compact LPDS and required RF components are designed to reduce finical cost and improve adjustable margin of power and phase. In order to test the power capacity of RF components, L-band resonant ring is constructed in super conducting test facility (STF) of KEK. Solid state amplified of 500 W is used as power source for low power test and it showed the power gain of resonant ring can reach 10 dB. For high power test, resonant ring is pressurized by SF6 of 2 atm and 800 kW klystron is used as power source. In case of high power operation, the 3-stub tuner replace the circulator in resonant ring to reduce the reflection in ring. Power gain can reach 9 dB in high power test. Test plan of RF components based on resonant ring is presented.