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LIU(LHC入射器アップグレード)-RF共同研究の進捗(2) ‐耐放射線性半導体アンプの開発‐
Status of LIU (LHC Injector Upgrade) RF collaboration -Developments of Rad-Hard Solid-State Amplifier-
○大森 千広,白形 政司,長谷川 豪志,杉山 泰之,吉井 正人(KEK/J-PARC),田村 文彦(JAEA/J-PARC),Paoluzzi Mauro(CERN)
○Chihiro Ohmori, Masashi Shirakata, Katsushi Hasegawa, Yasuyuki Sugiyama, Masahito Yoshii (KEK/J-PARC), Fumihiko Tamura (JAEA/J-PARC), Mauro Paoluzzi (CERN)
The LHC Injector Upgrade (LIU) aims to improve and to consolidate the injector chain of the LHC for reaching the goals of the HL-LHC. It includes Linac, PS Booster, PS, SPS and heavy ion chains. J-PARC is collaborating with CERN for the replacement of the ferrite-base RF system by new wideband cavity ones in the PS Booster. The installation of the cavity systems has started in the long shutdown, LS2. The wideband cavities are driven solid-state amplifiers and the collaboration also includes the developments of radiation-hard amplifiers. This paper summarizes the status of the collaboration including radiation damage tests of the amplifiers using a radiation test facility in CERN and a beam collimator in the J-PARC MR.