WEP002  電子加速器  8月8日 大展示ホール 13:10 - 15:10
Beam phase space jitter and effective emittance in SuperKEKB injector linac
○清宮 裕史,飯田 直子,紙谷 琢哉,佐藤 政則(KEK)
○Yuji Seimiya, Naoko Iida, Takuya Kamitani, Masanori Satoh (KEK)
In SuperKEKB linac, stable high-charged low emittance beam is necessary. Transported beam from the linac to SuperKEKB Main Ring (MR) must be stable to the extent that the beam can be injected inside MR acceptance. SuperKEKB requirement must be satisfied for emittance including beam phase space jitter, called as effective emittance. Large amplitude beam position jitter has been measured at linac end. We evaluated that the effect of the beam position jitter on effective emittance and investigated the source of the beam phase space jitter.