THP025  光源加速器  8月9日 大展示ホール 13:10 - 15:10
Microtron CT system detecting the 100um order size defects which is unable by Linac
○山田 廣成,尾崎 健人,前尾 修司,長谷川 大祐,山田 貴典(光子発生技術研究所)
○Hironari Yamada, Kento Ozaki, Shuuji Maeo, Daisuke Hasegawa, Takanori Yamada (Photon Production Laboratory Ltd.)
More than one MeV X-ray energies are required to visualize the interior of an iron object above 8 cm thick. Especially when the 3D metal printing technology is prevalent, it is necessary to inspect internal defects of large structured metal objects. It shows how X-ray CT images using Microtron (MIC) indicate spatial resolution of 250 μm. In addition, a very good contrast visualizes the density distribution at a density of 0.1mg /cm^3. For example, Ti and Ti oxides can be identified by MIC-CT. Measurement of the density distribution is done with neutrons, but when the X-ray focal spot is on the order of 100 μm the Compton scattering is useful since the cross section is proportional to the electron density, so X-ray energy higher than 1 MeV is as good as neutron to see the density distribution. On the other hand the photoelectron scattering is proportional to the atomic number Z^4. High energy X-ray is useful to see the density distribution of low Z soft material too. So there is a big need for high-energy x-ray sources of micro focus size. We discuss how to minimize Microtron focus size.