THOL04  真空/加速器応用・産業利用1  8月9日 特別会議室1 9:40 - 10:00
Nuclear fuel debris component analysis with dual energy X-rays by portable high energy X-ray source
小沢 壱生,福岡 潤哉,三津谷 有貴,土橋 克広,○上坂 充,島添 健次,高橋 浩之,阿部 弘亨(東京大学大学院),芝 知宙(日本原子力研究開発機構)
Issei Ozawa, Junya Fukuoka, Yuki Mitsuya, Katsuhiro Dobashi, ○Mitsuru Uesaka, Kenji Shimazoe, Hiroyuki Takahashi, Hiroaki Abe (The University of Tokyo), Tomooki Shiba (JAEA)
In order to decommission TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the removal of fuel nuclear debris is planned from 2021. It is demanded to grasp nuclear material element contents of the debris remaining inside the accident reactors for the effective and safe removal. Our research team aims to do the on-site analysis of the extracted debris by the dual-energy X-ray CT method with the portable X-band (9.3 GHz) 950 keV/3.95 MeV electron linac X-ray sources and GAGG X-ray detector. It is expected to realize the atomic number evaluation. In this paper, the resolution of measurement with respect to atomic number, volume and weight are to be described and discussed. We have also performed a preliminary experiment of energy-selected X-ray imaging with the system and could have successfully obtained different transmission images by changing X-ray energy ranges.