WEP002  電子加速器  8月5日 小ホール 13:00 - 15:00
Electron Beam Generation by a Photocathode RF-Gun at Kyoto University
○Sikharin Suphakul (Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University), Kantaphon Damminsek (Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University), Zen Heishun, Kii Toshiteru, Hideaki Ohgaki (Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University)
A 1.6 cell S-band BNL type photocathode RF-gun has been installed for a compact seeded terahertz (THz) free-electron laser (FEL) amplifier system at Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University. The RF-gun is used for generating an ultra-short, intense and low emittance electron beam suitable for a THz radiation generation by a short planar undulator. The photocathode plug is exchangeable by a load lock system and illuminated by a UV laser with the wavelength of 266 nm. In the initial stage, the RF conditioning, the performance test and the measurements of electron beam properties will be performed with using the copper cathode. The detailed of the RF-gun, test and measurement results will be presented in this contribution.