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準3次元ビームプロファイルモニターを用いた低エネルギー重イオ ンビーム縦方向運動量分布の測定
Experimental Evaluation of Longitudinal Momentum Deviation for Low Energy Heavy Ion Beam with Quasi-3D Profile Measurement on the Beam Line
○劉 星光,由元 崇(東工大)
○Xingguang Liu, Takashi Yoshimoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Longitudinal dependent transverse beam profile measurement is realized with a newly developed quasi-3D profile monitor which has been modified from the multi-wire grid based profile monitor. With the beam profile measured at the region where a definite value of disperse function exists, the longitudinal energy difference can be evaluated. In this paper, the longitudinal momentum deviation in a low energy heavy ion beam induced by the following mechanisms are discussed: (1) beam loading effects on the extraction gap voltage of an the Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source (ECRIS) and the post-acceleration column voltage of the high voltage platform which the ECRIS is embedded in; (2) longitudinal momentum modulation induced by the Einzel Lens chopper. Simulation results are also presented to confirm these observed phenomena.