THP039 ®ﵻѡγҸ 86 ۡ 13:00 - 15:00
ʵ׼з 2.45 GHz ECR 󸻤γȯ
Development of 2.45 GHz ECR ion source with permanent magnet
ʡȪ ȼʡ ůɧ ˡ ͵𡤳 ʿ 硤 ʿʻ 졤ƣ 桤¼ λ֡سʪ楻󥿡
Kenzi Shimada, Kichiji Hatanaka, Mitsuhiro Fukuda, Tetsuhiko Yorita, Hiroshi Ueda, Yuusuke Yasuda, Keita Kamakura, Shuhei Hara, Toshihiro Kume, Shunpei Morinobu, Keiichi Nagayama, Takane Saito, Hitoshi Tamura (Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University)
A 2.45 GHz ECR ion source has been developed to supply high currents with a low emittance at the RCNP cyclotron facility. Its plasma chamber consists of a cylinder of aluminum and two boron nitride disks placed at top and bottom of the cylinder. Its magnetic field is formed by two ring permanent magnets and no multipole magnets are employed. A proton-beam intensity of 1.0 mA at an extracting voltage of 15 kV was obtain using a microwave power of 350 W. A life time of the ion source depends on durability of the BN disk. After the material of the disks was changed to alumina, it could produce the proton beam of 0.5 mA in a life time test of 720 hours, and required a relatively low RF power of 200 W. The essential development steps towards the observed performance are described.