THP027  ビームダイナミクス、加速器理論  8月6日 小ホール 13:00 - 15:00
Comparative study of beam dynamics in the RFQ for J-PARC linac
○Sayyora Artikova (J-PARC center)
A new linac front-end had been installed for intensity upgrade of J-PARC in 2014, July-September. It consists of a 50 keV Ion Source (IS), a two-magnetic solenoid based Low Energy Beam Transport (LEBT) and 324 MHz RFQ accelerating 50 mA H- beam to 3 MeV. In the linac, there are three beam transport sections were implemented to match the beam between the different accelerator elements. This paper presents the simulation study of high intensity beam dynamics in the RFQ and beam transport using Mathematica and General Particle Tracer code. Comparison of studies of a uniformly generated particle distribution and a more realistic beam, the distribution re-constructed from Test Stand emittance measurement has been made. Emittance and twiss parameters at the exit of RFQ are determined and can be used for beam matching optimization in the Medium Energy Beam Transport (MEBT1) section.