THOL01 ϥɥ® 86 ۡ 9:00 - 9:20
International Collaboration on CERN PSB RF upgrade and PS Damper cavity for LHC Injector Upgrade
翹 鹭KEK/J-PARCˡPaoluzzi MauroʣãţңΡˡ¼ ʸɧʣʣţ/J-PARCˡĹë ֡ʣˣţ/J-PARC
Chihiro Ohmori (KEK/J-PARC), Mauro Paoluzzi (CERN), Fumihiko Tamura (ʣţ/J-PARC), Katsushi Hasegawa (ˣţ/J-PARC)
The LHC Injector Upgrade (LIU) aims to improve and to consolidate the injector chain of LHC for reaching the goals of the HL-LHC. It includes Linac, PSB, PS, SPS and heavy ion chains. J-PARC is collaborating with CERN for the consolidation and upgrade of the CERN PSB RF system which may include the replacement of the present ferrite-base RF accelerating system by the new FT3L magnetic alloy cavity system. A 10-cell cavity system has been installed in the PSB and has been used for the acceleration of high intensity beam. The collaboration also includes the developments of the wideband damper cavity system for the longitudinal coupled bunch instabilities. This paper summarizes the status of the collaboration including the beam loading test at the J-PARC MR, radiation damage tests of FETs for the amplifiers and the beam acceleration at the CERN PSB.