FROL12  レーザー/加速器制御  8月7日 大ホール 15:10 - 15:30
Hybrid laser combining flee-electron and classical lasers
○山田 廣成(立命館大学)
○Hironari Yamada (Ritsumeikan University)
Proposed Hybrid laser scheme uses energetic electron beam like a free-electron laser, but the gaining process is different. Undul- ator is not used. Instead photon beam is wiggled by mirror. Multiple targets placed periodically along the e-beam form optical cavities. Two gaining processes are involved. In one process e-beam hit the targets and generates X-rays. While e-beam and photon beam merge at the target, forced emissions appear which is ruled by the Einstein’s A and B coefficients low. In another process micro bunching are generated which is similar to the FEL gaining process. It is a kind of seeded FEL. In addition the seed is transition radiation and is coherent from the beginning of the lasing process. We expect very high gain for hard X-ray higher than 10 keV with less than 100 MeV e-beam and less than 10m long optical cavities.