FROL03  電子加速器  8月7日 大ホール 10:50 - 11:10
Superconducting Accelerator Development at STF for ILC
○早野 仁司(KEK)
○Hitoshi Hayano (KEK)
The superconducting RF test facility (STF) in KEK is the facility for developing technologies of the International Linear Collider (ILC) cavities and cryomodule. The STF accelerator is a test accelerator using superconducting cavities (SC cavities) and cryomodules of ILC technologies. The injector of the STF accelerator consists of the L-band photocathode RF-gun (normal-conducting cavity), two superconducting 9-cell cavities. The 12m-cryomodule (8 SC cavities and 1 SC quadrupole magnet with beam position monitor(BPM)) and 6m-cryomodule (4 SC cavities) are follows after the injector. They will be powered by 10MW multi-beam klystron and the distribution wave-guide system, and the accelerator field and phase are controlled precisely by the fast digital feedback at low-power level. For monitoring SC cavity alignment change during cool-down, the wire position monitors (WPM) are used inside of the cryomodules. Recent developments of the STF accelerator such as cryomodules, high power components, low-level controls, SC qudrupole magnet, BPM and WPM will be discussed and summarized in this paper.