FROL01  電子加速器  8月7日 大ホール 10:10 - 10:30
Achievement of Small Beam Size at ATF2 beamline
○奥木 敏行(高エネ研、総研大)
○Toshiyuki Okugi (KEK, SOKENDAI)
We confirmed the vertical beam size smaller than 44 nm with low intensity by June 2014 in ATF2 of KEK-ATF (KEK Accelerator Test Facility). A small emittance beam, which satisfies the requirement of ILC (International Linear Collider) emittance, is generated in KEK-ATF damping ring. ATF2 project has been performed by utilizing the small emittance beam of KEK-ATF. The purpose of the ATF2 project is to develop and establish the final focus method, call "Local Chromaticity Correction" of ILC. The beam optics of ATF2 is designed to be based on the same method as ILC, with the equivalent beam energy spread (about 0.1%) and natural chromaticity (about 10000), tolerances of magnetic field errors are also equivalent to the ILC final focus system. In this presentation, we will present the beam tuning procedures of ATF2 beamline, the recent ATF2 status and the issues for further improvements.