WEP065  LLRF  8月2日 第1,2,3,4会議室他 13:00 - 15:00
The consideration of RF phase reference distribution system for the injector linac of SuperKEKB
○リュウ ナ ,三浦 孝子 ,松本 利広 (総研大/高エ研),荒川 大,片桐 広明,矢野 喜治 (高エ研),チュウ フェン,道園 真一郎(総研大/高エ研),ウィボオ シギット バスキ(総研大)
○Na Liu, Takako Miura, Toshihiro Matsumoto (SOKENDAI/KEK), Dai Arakawa, Hiroaki Katagiri, Yoshiharu Yano (KEK), Feng Qiu, Shinichiro Michizono (SOKENDAI/KEK), Sigit Basuki Wibowo (SOKENDAI)
Stabilization of RF phase reference for long distance transmission is very important for stable RF operation, especially in the large accelerator facilities. For the injector LINAC of SuperKEKB, the phase stability requirement is within 0.1 deg. rms. Coaxial cables and optical fiber links (E/O, O/E and optical fibers) as the distribution medium without feedback control are used for the present system. A more stable RF phase distribution system using single-mode optical fiber links with feedback control is required to improve the phase stability for lower energy spread. The characteristics of different type optical components (E/O, O/E, optical fibers) were measured as well as the phase noise and long-term stability of the optical fiber links. Different techniques for the transmitted reference RF phase monitor were compared. The structure of RF phase reference distribution system which may fulfill the requirement of SuperKEKB injector LINAC is proposed.