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MOS-gated thyristor based Marx generator for accelerator applications
←Juan Perez (Nagaoka University of Technology ), Taichi Sugai (Nagaoka University of Technology), Akira Tokuchi (Pulsed Power Japan Laboratory Ltd.), Jiang Weihua (Nagaoka University of Technology )
In the field of pulsed power, gas switches have been widely used due to their high operating voltages and currents. One example of these gas switches is the thyratron, which is in use for some particle accelerators even today. At the Extreme Energy-Density Research Institute in the Nagaoka University of Technology such devices are in use. We propose a feasibility study for one for one of the switching units in the ETIGO-IV generator to be changed from a thyratron to MOS-Gated Thyristors. One of the thyratron units for the ETIGO-IV operates at 30kV, 10kA with a pulse width of 2 microseconds. These parameters are very strict for a single semiconductor device so modifying the connection scheme makes it possible to handle conditions that are over the limits of a single device. A Marx generator is proposed, this guarantees that each switch only operates at one fraction of the total voltage unlike traditional series connections which can cause stress on a single device. Discharge experiments of a single unit yield 2.5kA peak current and 400V peak voltage on a 0.2 Ohm load with a pulse width of 2 microseconds at 1kV charging voltage.