WEOM02  電子加速器  8月2日 小講堂(1F) 9:10 - 9:30
THz coherent undulator radiation generated from compact accelerator based on photocathode RF gun
○Siriwan Krainara, Sikharin Supakul, Heishun Zen, Toshiteru Kii, Hideaki Ohgaki (Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University)
This work presents the measured results of the THz coherent undulator radiation generated by a planar undulator with short electron bunch produced by a photocathode RF gun. This system has been developed at Kyoto University for producing intense THz radiation. The energy spread and emittance of electron bunch decrease the peak intensity of the coherent undulator radiation and broaden its line width. Therefore, these effect should be minimized and optimization of operation condition is important for getting higher THz undulator radiation intensity. The experimental setup and the measured results of radiation intensity related to the undulator characteristics will be discussed and compared with calculated results in this paper.