WEOM01  電子加速器  8月2日 小講堂(1F) 8:50 - 9:10
ミューオン g - 2/EDM 実験のための電子ビーム3次元螺旋軌道入射法の開発
Development of three-dimensional spiral injection by using electron beam for muon g - 2/EDM experiment
○レーマン ムハマド アブドゥル(総研大生),飯沼 裕美(茨城大学),大沢 哲,中山 久義,久松 広美,古川 和朗(加速器),三部 勉(素核研)
○Muhammad Abdul Rehman (SOKENDAI), Hiromi Iinuma (Ibaraki University), Satoshi Ohsawa, Hisayoshi Nakayama, Hiromi Hisamatsu, Kazuro Furukawa, Tsutomu Mibe (KEK)
A novel Three-dimensional spiral injection scheme by the use of electron beam is under development for new muon g-2/EDM experiment at J-PARC which aims to measure muon g-2 to the accuracy of 0.1ppm and muon EDM down to 10-21e.cm. Test experiment of spiral injection scheme is a scale down demonstration with the electron beam for the establishment of this newly proposed injection scheme. In the first phase, test experiment is utilizing an 80keV DC beam from Thermionic electron gun and 83 Gauss solenoidal magnet for the storage of electron beam into ~24cm diameter orbit. For the focusing of the electron beam at storage plane, auxiliary coil on main solenoidal magnet have been used to provide weak focusing. Beam Induced fluorescence monitor have been employed to detect electron beam as a light due ionization of N2 gas inside storage chamber. In the second phase of test experiment, electric chopper system is developed to produce the pulsed electron beam. This paper will report our preliminary results from the first phase of experiment and development of electric chopper system for the second stage.