WEOL07  ハドロン加速器2/レーザー  8月2日 講堂(2F) 11:00 - 11:20
完全電離炭素イオンのFast-Cycling Induction synchrotronへの直接入射・バリアバケットによる閉じ込め
Direct injection of fully ionized carbon ions into a fast-cycling induction synchrotron and their capture by the barrier bucket
○宗本 尚也,高野 進,門倉 英一,Taufic Taufic(高エネ研),由元 崇(ミシガン州立大学 FRIB),劉 星光(理研),安達 利一,池田 光男,川久保 忠通,岡村 勝也,高山 健,和気 正芳(高エネ研)
○Naoya Munemoto, Susumu Takano, Eichi Kadokura, Taufic Taufic (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Accelerator Laboratory), Takashi Yoshimoto (Michigan State University, Facility for Rare Isotope Beams), Xingguang Liu (Riken), Toshiikazu Adachi, Mitsuo Ikeda, Tadamichi Kawakubo, Katsuya Okamura, Ken Takayama, Masayoshi Wake (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Accelerator Laboratory)
The KEK Laser ablation ion source (KEK-LAIS) has been developed in order to obtain highly ionized metal ions and fully ionized carbon ions since 2012. Recently, the electron cyclotron resonance ion source of the KEK-Distal accelerator (KEK-DA) , which is a small-scale induction synchrotron, has been replaced by the LEK-LAIS A 2 micro sec long fully ionized carbon ion beam with 10^8 ions, which was delivered from the LAIS mounted on the 200 kV high voltage platform, was directly injected into the KEK-DA ring at 0.5 Hz without an injector, as well as C5+ and C4+. They were captured by the barrier bucket to survive until beam intensity life. Beam parameters, such as intensity distribution and emittance in the low energy beam transport line, the momentum spread and beam lifetime in the ring, were measured. It is noted that the first step of the essential characteristics required for a carbon driver of future carbon therapies has been demonstrated.