TUP133  加速器応用・産業利用  8月1日 第1,2,3,4会議室他 13:00 - 15:00
Photonuclear production of self-targeting medical radionuclides using an X-band electron linear accelerator: a feasibility study
○Jaewoong Jang, Mitsuru Uesaka (Univ. of Tokyo), Masashi Yamamoto (Accuthera Inc.)
Radiopharmaceuticals provide means of functional tests and treatment of body organs in a non-invasive fashion. To formulate a radiopharmaceutical, an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is labeled with a radionuclide. In most cases, it is the API to have the radiopharmaceutical accumulated in a specific organ, and the involved radionuclide merely plays the positioning role. Because developing an API requires a substantial research budget and a long period of time, radiopharmaceutical development remains a challenging task. To ease developing novel radiopharmaceuticals, therefore, we propose producing radionuclides which themselves target and accumulate in organs of the human body, by utilizing photonuclear reactions and a high-energy electron linear accelerator. Of particular interest are Mn-54 and Sr-87m. Presently we are optimizing the respective target assemblies, and will conduct research on chromatographic methods of seperating the product radionuclides.