TUP110  粒子源  8月1日 第1,2,3,4会議室他 13:00 - 15:00
Proton beam generation with a laser ion source using ZrH2 target
○齋藤 嘉人(総研大),岡村 昌宏,金末 猛,池田 峻輔(BNL),吉田 光宏(高エネ研)
○Yoshito Saito (Sokendai), Masahiro Okamura, Takeshi Kanesue, Shunsuke Ikeda (BNL), Mitsuhiro Yoshida (KEK)
Laser ion source (LIS) could be a potential high current pulsed proton beam source, although it has been known as heavy ion beam provider. In the past, we have confirmed capability of generating proton beam from a LIS using compressed hydride metal targets[1]. ZrH2 target showed clearly separated peak current between hydrogen and Zr ions in the research. In the presentation, we will describe detailed laser irradiation technique and will report acceleration test result using the radio frequency quadruple (RFQ) and a TE mode linear accelerator up to 2 MeV. [1] M.Sekine et. al., Review of Scientific Instruments, 2012, p. 83.