TUP023  ハドロン加速器  8月1日 第1,2,3,4会議室他 13:00 - 15:00
Lattice of the 144 MeV induction microtron for C-60 and its beam dynamics
○ターフィック ターフィック(総研大)
○Taufik Taufik (SOKENDAI)
A recently proposed racetrack-shape fixed field induction accelerator [1] has been more specifically refined as the 144 MeV Induction Microtron for C-60. Two approaches of tracking simulation taking into account of 3D magnetic fields of a 90 degree bending magnet and linear optics calculation have been employed for the refined design. It turned out that an inherent feature originated from a finite magnet length and the incidence/exit angle of 45 degree produces a kind of systematic closed orbit distortion that varies with particle energy. The orbit stability in the horizontal direction is not achieved without its correction. At the conference, other basic features that are more popular in any synchrotron, such as the momentum dispersion function or dynamic aperture, will be discussed. [1] K.Takayama, T.Adachi, T.Kwakubo, and K. Okamura, “A Racetrack-shape Fixed Field Induction Accelerator for Giant Cluster Ions”, Phys. Rev. ST-AB 18, 050101 (2015).