TUP003  電子加速器  8月1日 第1,2,3,4会議室他 13:00 - 15:00
Beam variation and emittance growth simulation for SuperKEKB injector linac
○清宮 裕史,佐藤 政則,肥後 寿泰(KEK)
○Yuji Seimiya, Masanori Satoh, Toshiharu Higo (KEK)
SuperKEKB injector linac is required to transport low emittance high-charged electron beam (5nC) and positron beam (4nC) to SuperKEKB ring for high luminosity. A charged beam with an offset from a center of cavity is kicked by the wakefield depending on both the offset size in the cavity and longitudinal position of the beam. The wakefield cause emittance growth. This growth can be corrected by appropriate orbit control so as to cancel the wakefield effect of the cavities in total. On the other hands, 6-dimensional beam jitter induce statistical emittance growth. Emittance growth by both measured misalignments and measured beam jitter is evaluated by particle tracking simulation. Beam jitter investigation is also performed by correlation analysis between beam position and some measured parameters, for example, RF timing and temperature.