THOM07  ビーム診断・ビーム制御2/ビームダイナミックス・加速器理論  8月3日 小講堂(1F) 11:00 - 11:20
PyEcloud simulations of the electron cloud for the J-PARC MR
○Bruce Yee-rendon, Takeshi Toyama, Ryotaro Muto, Masashi Okada, Masahito Tomizawa (KEK/J-PARC)
Recently electron cloud simulations were done using an updated version of the computational model developed at KEK. The results obtained were consistent with the measurements during the slow extraction operation mode for the J-PARC Main Ring. Additionally, new electron cloud simulations were performed using PyEcloud program. This code was created at CERN and it is the update version of ECLOUD program. The main advantage of the PyEcloud code with respect to the one at KEK is the adjustable numbers of the macro-particles which allowed to manage the large amount of electrons created when the multipactor condition is reached. Indeed, this work used a more accurate model for low energy electrons than the previous simulations, consequently, the electron cloud density simulated has a good agreement with the one measured in the surveys. Additionally, due to the continue upgrade in beam power at fast extraction mode for the Main Ring, the electron cloud could reappear again in this scheme, therefore, PyEcloud simulations were done to estimate the electron cloud density at these beam conditions.